About us

Legend tells us that women in Renaissance Venice wore a vivid blue feather to indicate that their preference was for other women. The truth of that legend has never been proven, but wouldn't it be helpful to have something distinctive-a blue feather, for example-to help guide you to the right choices?

Welcome to Blue Feather Books. When you're shopping for quality alternative feminist literature, look for the Blue Feather logo. It's your assurance of a top-notch book.

Whether your preference is for lesbian romance or a good mystery, science fantasy or poetry, dramatic fiction, erotica or adventure, Blue Feather Books is sure to have selections that suit your tastes. Our focus is on first-rate lesbian stories, but we also publish non-lesbian offerings which demonstrate the triumphs of women who have faced extraordinary circumstances with uncommon strength of character.

Blue Feather Books is 100% woman-owned and woman-operated. The company was founded on the premise, "Books by women for women." With each new title we release, we are more committed to that credo.

When you see a blue feather on the cover, you know you're getting a great read. And if you're looking for a publisher for your women-centered manuscript, please consider submitting it to us. A Blue Feather on the cover of your book will tell readers that they've made a good choice.

If you have questions or would like more information, check out the links on the Contact Us page or just drop a note to info@bluefeatherbooks.com.

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