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Amber Jacobs
Amber Jacobs was born in Adelaide South Australia, in 1979. She grew up in Victoria, spending most of her adolescent years living in a wildlife shelter and helping care for a motley menagerie of orphaned and injured native animals.

After graduating from University with a BA in Communication, Amber worked in a variety of jobs, but has always nurtured her creative energy through her writing and art. She is always working on new stories and ideas that usually incorporate her passion for animals, medieval history and romance. She hopes to publish more novels in the future.

Primal Touch

Ashley Richards, a successful wildlife photographer, accepts an assignment in the jungles of India. Rumors of a legendary white tiger lead her to extend her stay, and she crosses paths with a ruthless poacher. She is rescued by the feral and mysterious Leandra Thornton, only to be caught up in her deadly vendetta.
Worlds collide, lives end and begin anew, in the pages of Primal Touch.

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