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Anne Azel
Anne Azel is retired and lives by a lake in northern Ontario. She enjoys canoeing and kayaking in the summer and cross country skiing in the winter. Anne has travelled the world. To relax, she writes and works on her model railroad layout.

Anne has been a published writer for over a decade, and has nine books either published or in the process of being published. She has won the Golden Crown Literary Society award for dramatic general fiction.

Encounters, Volume I

Anne Azel's Encounters entertains you with six separate tales of unforgettable women in an unusual array of circumstances. In this volume, we bring you the first three captivating stories:

In the deadly jungles of the Amazon a young doctor searches for a mysterious plant with the help of a dangerous, native-born beauty. She discovers more than she bargains for.

Jamie Dedemann is looking for her daughter, taken from her as a baby. Follow Jamie's journey through the ancient, exotic land of Turkey. Savor the mystery and witness the eternal love she discovers.

And in lush, primitive Papua New Guinea, two stalwart, headstrong women learn to reconcile the differences of their past, while facing the deadly dangers of the present.

Webster's Dictionary tells us that an encounter is an unexpected or unplanned meeting. With master storyteller Azel at the helm, you'll be glad you experienced these.

Encounters, Volume II

Anne Azel’s Encounters series entertains you with six separate tales of unforgettable women in a wide array of different, yet somehow connected, circumstances. After the excitement of Volume I comes the second part of Azel's popular series:

In Egyptian Encounters, two women must overcome the tragedy that tore apart their lives, and try to reconnect. They must determine which is stronger: love or hate, before irrevocable harm befalls them.

Hike to the heights of Machu Picchu in Peruvian Encounters. With Incan wisdom to guide them, two women mend a lingering rift and learn to trust in love.

And finally, round out your reading experience and connect it all together with English Encounters, a love story that will stay with you long after you’ve turned the final page.

Webster’s Dictionary tells us that an encounter is an unexpected or unplanned meeting. With master storyteller Azel at the helm, this is one encounter you’ll be glad you experienced.


Against the exotic backdrops of some of the most beautiful places on earth, three very different pairs of women learn about life and love... far from home.

China: Petra Vossler is sent by her father to evaluate Quin Venizelos, their Canadian company's successful, yet mysterious, division manager of the Far East. Quin personifies the business cliché that knowledge is power, but when Petra arrives in Hong Kong, Quin learns that unrequited attraction is powerful, too. East meets West as these two strong, opinionated women clash and unexpected romance flares.

Kenya: Alex and Sarah are lovers who parted ways many years ago. Alex finds the courage to travel across the world to try to rekindle the love she once had with Sarah. In wild Africa amidst exotic cultures, Alex and Sarah struggle to find trust and commitment as they are unwittingly lured into a deadly plot of political intrigue.

South Africa: Laurie and Danielle are old friends divided by time and South Africa's turbulent politics. Now, many years later, Lauri returns to South Africa as a reporter, and asks Danny to show her the new South Africa. Laurie hopes to win Danny's heart, but Danny is held back by her strict religious upbringing. The trip explodes into violent passions when Danny must deal with a dangerous poacher to save the woman she has come to love.

Pack lightly. Everything you need for a memorable trip is here, in the pages of Journeys.

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