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Val Brown & MJ Walker

Val Brown is a healthcare professional with many years of experience in nursing. Writing was only a fantasy until she met a certain British poet online, and started a writing partnership and friendship that has led to several published novels.

Though she enjoys exploring and traveling, family and friends will always be her main interest.

MJ Walker
lives in a small, rural village in England. She was first published as a poet in the United States at age seventeen, and her work later appeared in many anthologies in her native country.
She is a part-time numismatist and is currently studying journalism.

Through her offerings on the web, MJ met and teamed up with Val Brown, an American nurse.

Connecting Hearts
Miranda Martin is a nurse, burned out by the stress of hospital work and too many hopeless cases. Now she works for an online medical information hotline. She's still helping people, but from a safe distance.

DJ is a reclusive poet who lives in England with her aunt, Sara. When Sara's health takes a sudden turn for the worse, DJ begins a desperate search for information and hope. She finds that and more when her search leads her to Randa Martin.

In the shadow of Sara's debilitating illness, a friendship forms and two hearts connect.

Family Connections

No matter how well you think you know someone, there is always a surprise tucked away somewhere. Never is this more true than in a family. In this popular sequel to Connecting Hearts, Denise and Randa learn that finding the other half of one's soul is only the beginning.

Life has a way of presenting a combination of surprises and challenges. What will the two women learn about their family connections? How will their discoveries affect them? Will these new connections drive them apart or serve to make their bond stronger?

Black's Magic
Britain's most lethal operative is a woman, Addison Black. Being a secret agent never looked so good! The top-selling writing team that brought us Connecting Hearts and Family Connections is at it again!

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