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Emily Reed

Emily Reed is a medical physicist who in the past several years has taken up writing poetry. A long-time Chicago resident, she is currently living overseas.

Her first collection of poetry, Under the Fig Tree, was published in 2004. It encompasses a wide range of topics, from love to humor to world events. Diminuendo is Em's second volume of poetry, darker and more mature. Em's other publications include articles in various medical physics journals, which aren't nearly as entertaining as her poems. Nor do they rhyme.

When Em isn't writing or working (which, unfortunately, isn't very much of the time), she enjoys reading, running marathons, juggling, and sea kayaking.

You can read more of her work at www.emilyreed.com

Aptly named, this poetic composition hints at a rousing, consuming fire of ecstasy that dies down, dwindles, and finally ends, leaving only banked embers. Passion has played its course, and love drifts into a spiral of aching memories.

Not a crashing of cymbals or a beating of drums, Diminuendo is a plucking, strumming, and crying of the poet’s heartstrings. Subdued but rhythmic beats coil through the reader, pulling, pushing, tugging, and then touching, with glimpses of a bared soul. One who has suffered any sort of loss will understand and relate to every word.

Nann Dunne - author; poet; publisher of Just About Write, www.justaboutwrite.com

Under the Fig Tree

The poetry in Under the Fig Tree can be summed up in three words: imbued with passion. Of course, you might say, all poetry is born of passion. But Emily Reed has carefully crafted the emotions in her poems, and each verse vibrates with an underlying current that stirs your blood until you feel an intense rhythm thrumming throughout your body.

Reed pens poems of fulfilling love that lilt with joy; poems of relinquished love that quiver with the pain of not being able to give what doesn't exist; poems of wrenching pain that twist your guts; playful poems that romp with teasing and cajolery and make you laugh aloud at her clever wit.

If you enjoy being led through an intimate dance by a poet, you must have this volume of poems. Emily Reed sometimes lifts you up, sometimes drops you down, and sometimes twirls you gleefully around; you'll be pleased you accepted the invitation to accompany her.

Nann Dunne - author; poet; publisher of Just About Write, www.justaboutwrite.com

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