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I. Christie
Irene Christie was born in January, 1948 in Hollywood, California and raised in Southern California. Uncommonly for that time, the author studied acupressure, Tai Chi, ChiGun, Korean Karate and Yoga. She graduated with a doctorate in psychology, but after six years of working as a counselor decided it was not the career she wanted. Instead, she turned to writing.

The author loves animals and believes that all things are sacred. She has a hard time putting this in practice for creatures like fleas and cockroaches. Cats, birds and whatever the cats drag in, reside with the author.

Irene is a voracious reader and loves most types of music (yep, including Bluegrass). Once an avid hiker, camper, biker, jogger and visitor to the local gym, she now visits the gym a few days a week, stays off bikes for self preservation, and camps where there is the luxury of flush toilets, showers and electricity (that would be in an RV or a hotel). In addition to writing, she is also an artist in beadwork, embroidery, woodcarving, chalk, and pencil. However, writing has become a comfortable obsession, which leaves the other tools to gather dust.

The author prefers to live near the beach, where the smell of ocean spray is heavy in the early morning and night air. After seven years near the foothills, she happily moved back to a beach city.

Queen's Lane

Susan Nikolas always had a mind of her own, despite her father's influence and phobias about public behavior. The most annoying of these was his homophobia, even though Susan didn't necessarily believe that her erotic dreams about women made her a lesbian. Brief trips out of town gave her glimpses of what lay beyond her father's imposed boundaries, but until she met Caitlin McKenzie, she had never tested her sexuality.

Caitlin McKenzie owned a bodyguarding business. In her spare time, she trained dominatrices and submissives, and designed 'toys' and other tools of the trade. She also helped out at her mother's horse ranch in Flagstaff, Arizona. It was there that she met Susan Nikolas. To Caitlin, a woman unsure of her sexuality was best left for others to play with. However, Susan proved difficult to forget, and when she showed more than a passing interest in BDSM, it was up to Caitlin to make certain Ms. Nikolas knew what she was getting into.

Her unseen hand guided Susan's education into the world of sensuality, until both women were ready to meet in a private club called "The Erotica".

Merker's Outpost

Merker's Outpost has a secret that spans galaxies. Below its hostile, barren red surface, a once-thriving research complex now lies seemingly deserted, watched over by an entity called Guardian.

Lieutenant Harriet Montran, a Collective Space Centurion officer, is betrayed by her shipmates and stranded on Merker's. She is rescued by Guardian, who enlists her aid to evict a group of smugglers who have set up base in one of the Outpost's underground cities.

Major Zohra, an undercover operative for the secret watchdogs of the galaxy, Naboth's Vine, is also on Merker's Outpost. She has infiltrated the smugglers with the intent of ending their illegal trafficking in sentient beings.

Montran and Zohra join forces with Guardian to thwart the smugglers and protect Merker's Outpost. Soon, the bond that joined them when they were cadets flares anew. Confronted by smugglers, renegade soldiers, programmed assassins, and betrayal within their own ranks, Montran and Zohra are caught in a desperate race to discover the planet's secret before it falls into the wrong hands. Can their feelings survive it? Can they?

Unfinished Business

On her way to her vacation campground, Claire Hanson, a detective in the Petima Police Department, picks up the enigmatic MaryLyn Smith. While at the campground, a series of unfortunate accidents befall Claire, and MaryLyn is never around when they happen. Claire chalks it up to coincidence, but when her RV is raided by law enforcement officials looking for planted contraband and Claire is severely beaten in the incident, she knows these aren't chance events. What she doesn't know is whether MaryLyn is involved or not.

Claire has long suspected that the Petima Police Department has a number of dirty cops—so dirty that officers who won't join in their dealings have been murdered. When Claire receives a not-so-veiled threat that she might find herself in a body bag if she doesn't play along, she makes it her personal mission to get to the root of the problem—or die trying. At every turn, she finds herself questioning everything she thought she knew about her friends and work associates… and about MaryLyn.

As Claire works her way through the knots and tangles of the web of deceit, she is never sure who can be trusted and who will try to ensnare her. Can she stay alive to expose the corruption and take care of the Unfinished Business?

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