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K. Darblyne
Deeply rooted in the Western Pennsylvania area, K. Darblyne has spent years observing people, both on and off the job. Her schooling in the physical sciences may be the foundation for her analytical thinking, but her time spent in the fields of E.M.S., firefighting and health care is what gives life to her stories. She has been involved in all aspects of trauma care, and is deeply familiar with the range of human emotions such crises evoke.

Her commitment to the spirit of survival, for victim and rescuer alike, lends her stories their emotional impact. K. Darblyne writes from the heart.

The Fellowship

The first book in That Healing Touch series.

This beautifully written story introduces characters who will tug at your heartstrings.

Dr. Garrett Trivoli, an already renowned and highly talented surgeon, is ready to begin her fellowship and what appears to be a promising career. Much to her dismay, the logical, unemotional surgeon is teamed up with a deeply caring, equally renowned, but clearly emotional trauma nurse: Danni Bossard.

What will this year of fellowship really teach? Will it be all that Garrett expected, or will Danni open her heart and allow the doctor to learn the true meaning of fellowship?

Up in the Air
The second book in That Healing Touch series.

With seven months to go in her Trauma Fellowship, Dr. Garrett Trivoli is finding many things in her life uncertain. When she attempts to enlist hospital funding to create a lone survivor support group, Garrett is offered a counter proposal by the hospital Board of Directors: she and nurse Danni Bossard, her roommate and friend, will become the hospital's Trauma Flight Team. As the two women grow closer together, they are torn between friendship, love, and duty. Will their mission be compromised by emerging realizations, or will their good intentions drive them further away from the truth and from each other? As each woman searches for her own set of answers, their lives--and their jobs--are up in the air.

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