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Karen Badger
Karen D. Badger, better known to her online fans as "kd bard," was born in Vermont at the end of the Hippie era. She is the second of five children and was raised by a divorced mother, who to this day remains one of her best friends. Karen graduated from college in 1978 with a B.A. in Drama. Later, she returned to school and in 1994 earned a B.S. in Mathematics. She currently works as an Engineer in the semiconductor field, and fills her spare time with writing, family and friends.

Married right after college, Karen worked full time while raising two sons who are now grown. A few years ago, writing became an escape when she underwent a much needed lifestyle change, in the process reinventing herself as an independent woman. In April of 2005, a beautiful baby boy came into her life when her first grandchild was born. Kyren is the apple of his Nona's eye. Karen never looks back: "If you look back, you'll trip over what's in front of you and fall flat on your face!" She looks forward to many fulfilling years of writing and watching her family grow.

On a Wing and a Prayer
Airline pilot Cassidy Conway, haunted by memories of her lover's death, has closed her heart to love. Content with the occasional physical encounter, she's happy in her solitude.

Roxanne Ward is an award-winning science fiction writer. Caught between her own needs and those of her family, she is unable to break free of an abusive relationship.

When Cass sees Rox's portrait on a book cover and decides to send her an e-mail, the friendship that forms between the two women sets off a tumultuous chain of events, rife with danger and suspense.

Yesterday Once More

It's the year 2105. Dr. Jordan Lewis, paralyzed from the waist down in a childhood accident, is part of a research team working to create a device that will restore her mobility. While recovering from surgery, Jordan finds the diaries of Maggie Downs, a woman who died in an accident strangely similar to Jordan's own, but more than one hundred years ago.

Maggie begins to haunt Jordan's dreams, and Jordan becomes convinced that she is trying to contact her. Can love bridge the barriers of death and time? Jordan is determined to find out.

In a Family Way
Billie Charland's life is complicated. She's a paralegal by day, an aerobic instructor in the evening, and a full time parent, so a relationship is the last thing Billie needs in a life already overly full of commitments. When a hopelessly uncoordinated new student joins her aerobics class, Billie feels a spark that puts a spring back in her step, a sparkle in her eye, and desire in her heart.

Caitlain O'Grady is a prominent anesthesiologist and ER doctor. She doesn't plan on falling, literally, for her aerobics instructor, but her efforts to get to know Billie are hampered by Billie's refusal to go out with her at night. Cat's head tells her that her heart is going to be broken again, but her heart won't let her give up on the enigmatic Ms. Charland.

As their lives become more entwined, secrets are revealed that could unravel the fragile love growing between them. Is their relationship strong enough to withstand the strain when Billie's past catches up with her? Can their love survive when they find themselves in a family way?

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