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Kelly Sinclair
Kelly Sinclair lives in Temple, Texas, but is a transplant from the South Plains. She has been a reporter, a rock singer-songwriter, and is currently a librarian. One of her poems appeared in the Texas Observer political magazine, and her computer-derived prints are featured in art galleries.

Sinclair has worked with an experimental art-rock ensemble, written country songs for such Texas acts as the Maines Brothers, and sung backup for funk bands and bluegrass performers. In her writing, she follows a similar path of exploring her creative boundaries, writing scripts, plays, and musical song-cycles.

Accidental Rebels

It's the summer of 1989, and in the small Texas town of Tantona, to be openly gay is to be notorious. But three closeted women are
about to shake things up.

Mandy, a young reporter, is hung up on God and women. Librarian Tina is eager to ditch old personal dramas, and rocker Cat is struggling to get her band off the ground.

Unanticipated connections bring the women together... and then there's Sherron, a reckless blonde who becomes the talk of the town.

When secrets come doused in Texas barbecue sauce, all the ingredients are present for a surprising and spicy mix.

If the Wind Were a Woman
Tantona, Texas, in the 1970s isn’t exactly a hotbed of women’s activism and social turmoil. Barbara Wolfe lives in Tantona, and she’s had her fill of wondering if any of the community’s conventions will ever change. Local society has its expectations for all of Tantona’s residents, and only a fool would dare to venture outside the well-drawn lines of what’s considered acceptable conduct. So Barbara lives her life in the closet, and although it’s dull to the point of inertia, it’s at least predictable.

Then beautiful and secretive Darlene Fisher comes on the scene. The relationship that develops between Barbara and Darlene puts Barbara on a collision course with Darlene’s violent fiancé. At times, it seems citizens in every social strata in Tantona have a stake in what happens between Barbara and Darlene. And then there’s the upheaval that transpires in Tantona's political arena, thanks to two women daring to believe they have the right to fall in love.

If Darlene were nothing more than a headstrong gust of wind, Barbara might have had a shot at getting a lasso on her and controlling the events that beset them both. Instead, with Darlene being an uncontrollable force of nature, Barbara finds herself on the verge of becoming a local legend and gay pioneer—that is, if she manages to survive.

You met these fascinating characters later in their lives in Kelly Sinclair’s debut novel, Accidental Rebels. Make the journey back in time to see how it all began here in the pages of If the Wind Were a Woman.

Roberta's Fire
The stunning conclusion to the Tantona Trilogy, that started with Accidental Rebels, and continued in If the Wind Were a Woman.

In the summer of 1951, a hate crime happened in a small Texas town. It was covered up at the time, but the deadly event changed the lives of everyone involved. One of those, E.L. “Marty” Signoret, went on to write a famous young adult novel similar in impact to “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

Now in her eighties, Marty returns to Tantona, Texas, accompanied by her young would-be biographer. Marty is there for the funeral of Roberta—the closeted lesbian who left a path of wounded lovers in her lifetime.

Roberta Steinhall, beautiful and ruthless, was the queen of the closet for over sixty years, yet she must have been a teenager once. Must have been ready to risk everything for the love of a girl. That girl was Marty.

A house burned down; a life was lost. Lies were told and secrets buried. Now Marty is ready to tell the truth to a circle of lesbians and gay men who knew Roberta in her prime.

In flashbacks that comprise most of the novel, we relive that summer of ’51, where a Latino man courts Marty’s married sister, a Jewish girl tries to keep her Christian boyfriend under wraps—and teen lovers Marty and Roberta are faced with a life-or-death decision.

In the Now
Psychiatrist Carla Turner sets out to disprove reincarnation. To make her point and strike a blow for science, she enlists Amy Duran, her favorite patient, for a past-life regression that Carla believes is destined to fail.

But a potent, experimental drug used for the study works all too well. Amy is swept away into her previous life as Isao Watanabe, a Japanese World War II veteran, who finds twenty-first century Austin, Texas, to be as shocking as the female body he now inhabits.

To bring back her beloved Amy, Carla must battle a powerful drug company as well as her headline-chasing former professor, a woman determined to establish that past-life regression exists.

If Amy returns to the present, what happens to the charismatic Isao? Can two people—one male, one female; one dead, one alive—share the same body?

In the Now, an intuitive exploration of identity, gender, and faith, asks the thought-provoking question, what if reincarnation is a biological fact? And if it’s real, how do you face all the good and evil you’ve done—in this lifetime or your last?

Lesser Prophets

Debra Shanrahan, a veterinarian in New South Wales, Australia, anticipates a typical day of treating hogs and other livestock. The first hog she treats seems to be suffering from an unusually bad bout of bronchitis. Hardly cause for alarm-until the hog's owner and others who were on the farm turn up dead from suspected pneumonia.

Within days, people all over the world are falling suddenly, terminally ill with a virulent strain of flu. Governments either overreact or fail to take any action, but all too soon it becomes undeniably apparent that the unthinkable has happened: the Australian hog's illness has jumped from the swine species to the human species, and there's no known treatment, no cure, and no way to contain it.

The pandemic decimates the population in every corner of the globe. But oddly, some people are resisting the virus, even if directly exposed to carriers. Who are these hardy survivors? They are, for the most part, a group that was previously despised, mostly unloved, and only fitfully tolerated. They are the gays and lesbians.

Men and women who were once marginalized in many societies are now elevated to be leaders and redeemers who must find their way in a world where the old rules no longer apply. God, or Fate, or the Omniscient Divine has intervened and forever changed the hierarchy. Follow the riveting stories of Debra and others who survive, in their struggle to triumph over biological Armageddon and create a new world.

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