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KM lives and works in Orlando, Florida, although she is not originally a native of the Sunshine State. Born in New Jersey, she and her family moved to Florida when she was only six years old. The warm Florida sunshine proved to be a lure her family simply couldn't resist.

A graduate of Florida State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Criminology, she went on to attend a paralegal school in Atlanta, Georgia before living in Birmingham, Alabama for several years. Thereafter, she returned to Florida in order to be nearer to her family.

A paralegal by profession, KM always sought more enjoyment from her personal life than from her working career. She enjoys music and playing the guitar, was a contract musician for the local navy base before it closed, and volunteers to provide music and vocals at local retreats, conferences, and other services. She also enjoys traveling and hopes to explore more of the many fascinating places the world has to offer.

KM is new to writing, having only recently attempted to tap the muse. The mixture and range of emotion she puts into her writing, from sorrow to humor, is often more a reflection of her own personality than of anything else. Her stories are written as a part of herself, and she hopes to continue with the journey.

Jessica Harrison, a brilliant and determined junior partner at a prestigious Florida law firm, rose rapidly to the top of her profession. Although emotionally hardened by a past betrayal, she unexpectedly finds friendship, and then something more, with a promising young associate newly hired at the law firm.

Robin Wilson, who is haunted herself by a tragic event in her past, touches something deep within the junior partner. Through their close working relationship, she finds comfort she never knew could exist.

With gentle understanding, sprinkled with liberal amounts of humor, the two women form a bond that strengthens with each passing day... until one indescribable moment when they find that their growing physical and emotional attraction to one another simply... undeniable.

Considerable Appeal
In this sequel to Undeniable, Jessica and Robin find that their bond continues to deepen.

They want to be together, but family interference and business protocol threaten to expose and perhaps even destroy their relationship. They're forced to deal with situations that may bring professional harm and personal upheaval into their lives.

Undaunted, they fight back, keeping their trademark humor firmly in place to balance to the more difficult times they share. In spite of all that conspires against them, Jess and Robin find that the resulting turmoil in their lives has the potential to bring them even closer together. Through adversity, they now have the courage to voice to one another their most profound and considerable appeal.
In this sequel to Undeniable and Considerable Appeal, Jessica Harrison, a junior partner at a prestigious Florida law firm, and Robin Wilson, a young associate at the same firm, continue their journey of life and love together. Even as their bond grows stronger, they find their relationship tested in a profound and unexpected way.

An unwelcome intruder into their lives surfaces, causing much more than trouble between them and revealing weaknesses Robin and Jess must confront. Complicating matters further, a devastating revelation threatens to overwhelm them.

The decisions they make and how they overcome the past will ultimately determine their future together. The sixth sense is at play as they learn that things aren't always what they seem... or are they? But some things just never change, and Jess and Robin will have to summon every ounce of instinct from deep within themselves to survive the challenges that await them, and prove that their love is indeed stronger than the forces that seek to destroy. Intuition is what it is all about.

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