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L.M. Townsend
L. M. Townsend was born and raised in Michigan, and she now lives in California with her partner Crow, Crow's two boys, five cats, and a beagle named Max. In August of 2004, she completed her "greatest work ever" -- the birth of her first child.

Lisa is an ordained Wiccan Priestess (3rd Degree HPS) and practices a sort of eclectic/Dianic Wicca as a solitary. She has also trained briefly in shamanism. Her writing has appeared in Of a Like Mind, the journal of the Reformed Congregation of the Goddess.

Currently, Lisa is working on two more novels and is thinking about a children's book.

The Amazon Queen
Take a journey to another time and place. Step back into a world where Greek gods still roam the earth, where Pegasus still flies, and where magic is very much alive and working. Venture forth and enter a doorway back to the time of the Ancient Mothers, a place where we can all be Amazon Queens if we but wish it so.

Begin the journey. Turn the first page. Read on, and wake the Amazon Spirit which resides in all of us.

Daughters of Artemis
It is ten years after the battle that almost completely wiped out the once strong and proud Amazon Nation, a battle in which their queen, Aradia, was captured. Betrayed by one of their own sister tribes, the Amazons are on the verge of extinction. Powerful forces are at work to see that they do not recover.

Aradia manages to escape and makes her way home to reunite and rebuild the scattered remnants of the Nation. She must retrieve and discover the secrets of the elusive Sword of Artemis in time to evade recapture by the Romans and the complete destruction of her people. Can her protege -- a young girl caught up in mysterious forces and hampered by her own thirst for revenge against her mother's killers -- overcome her anger and reunite all the Amazon tribes in order to battle their common enemy?

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