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Mavis Applewater

Mavis Applewater was born in Massachusetts in 1962. As a child, she was an avid reader. Later, she honed her creative side majoring in Theatre at Salem State College. While supporting herself and waiting for her big break, she became a "resident" and well-known bartender at a nightclub in Cambridge, MA.

Mavis has done several commercials and lots of extra work, but her creative juices were still flowing, so she turned to another one of her hidden talents: writing. These efforts culminated in several manuscripts, the latest of which is Mavis Bites.

Currently, Mavis lives in Massachusetts with her long-term partner.

Visit her website at:

The Brass Ring
A young med student meets the love of her life. Or does she?

In this sexy thriller, Dr. Jamie Jameson comes face to face with the woman who, twelve years earlier, broke her heart. Now she must deal with the confusion and danger.

Home for the Holidays
Let's see... Smoke? Check. Bright flashes? Check. Shrieks of delight? Check! Must be Mavis. That's right! It's Mavis, here with the gift that gives it up all year. She's brought a couple of friends to the party, too. Meet Tressa Lindsey, and get ready for the year of their lives! Up, down, in, out, in, out, in... Well, you get the picture. Mavis wants you to be very, very happy.

Mavis Bites
But only if you ask her nicely. Vampires, ghosts, and... sorority sisters? Well, that's Mavis for you. Join the Queen of Scream for five supernatural stories of sex, horror, sex and sex. (Did we mention the sex?) They'll set you shivering and send you running for your bed. If not to sleep!

My Sister's Keeper
Nothing is ever easy for policewoman Jenny Jacobs. She just wants to be in love. Sound simple? Well, there's a catch. She wants to be deeply in love with someone who is also deeply in love with her.

Jenny must face the past and the present when she discovers her lover's infidelity and her first love walks back into her life. Her life becomes even more complicated when old feelings surface for her first love -- the woman who broke her heart as a teenager, then entered the church and became "Sister Rachel".

In her third published book, Mavis Applewater brings to the printed page a perfect combination of heat and romance, with just the right amount of adventure.

Plot? What Plot?
Plot? You mean there is supposed to be a plot? HEY MAVIS! Your publishers say there is supposed to be a plot in here somewhere. Forget the plot, just bring the glasses. No, forget the glasses, where the devil is that ICE?

Plot? What Plot? Book II
Reasons to buy this book:
-- Even more stories than Book I
-- An extra 200 sweltering pages
-- Mavis Applewater is the author
-- Your partner may be inspired
-- C'mon... you gave up smoking, red meat, chocolate... okay, so you cheated a little bit with the chocolate... don't you owe yourself a LITTLE fun?

Tempus Fugit

Buchanan High School senior Ellen Druette has a secure spot on the Varsity cheerleading squad, a first-string football player boyfriend, and a solid plan for her life. Then the Swenson twins sweep into town in their matching Chevy Bel Air convertibles. Tall, blonde, and gorgeous, the twins are quickly accepted into the cheerleading squad, and Ellen's plan begins to unravel. Though Laurie Swenson makes the first move on her, it's Ginny who captures her heart.

But malicious forces are at work in the Swenson family, and Ginny, their scapegoat, is convicted of crimes she didn't commit and sent to prison. Determined to prove her lover's innocence, Ellen investigates the case even as she completes her pre-law studies and enters law school.

By the time Ginny is released from prison, she and Ellen have grown apart. They're still attracted to one another, but neither is confident of the other's feelings. Are they really in love, or are they just very good friends? Against the turbulent, psychedelic backdrop of the Sixties, Ellen and Ginny drift in and out of each other's lives as they strive for the courage to reveal their hearts.

Whispering Pines

Welcome to Whispering Pines, built in 1907 by sea Captain Horatio Stratton.

On the morning of October 31, 1916, the servants arrived early to discover Captain Stratton alone in the house, sitting calmly in his study and smoking his pipe. His wife and sister were missing, and what the maid found in the kitchen sent her screaming from the house.

Almost one hundred years later, paranormal investigator Shawn Williams agrees to spend the night in the mysterious manor. She finds the stories about Whispering Pines almost as intriguing as her companion for the evening. Faith Charles, former reporter turned professional skeptic, isn’t thrilled at the prospect of spending the night in a house where strange things have already begun to happen. Then again, to spend the night with Shawn, Faith might be willing to endure anything.

Shawn and Faith begin their adventure together, possibly finding love along the way. The only thing standing in their way is the mystery of Whispering Pines.



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