Submission Guidelines

Blue Feather Books primarily publishes books written by women, for women. We focus on lesbian fiction of all genres (romance, drama, science-fiction, etc.). On a limited basis, we will also consider non-lesbian manuscripts that involve strong, central female characters.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Electronic submissions only. Please submit all manuscripts to

  • We do not accept multiple submissions

  • Please include a cover letter with your name, a short biography, title and word count of the manuscript, and a short synopsis

  • File format: MS Word .doc or .rtf

  • Word count: between 60,000-130,000

  • Text formatting:

    • Single spaced lines, paragraph indentations, no blank lines between paragraphs

    • One inch margins all around

    • 12 pt. Times New Roman font

    • Chapters clearly marked, each should start on a new page

    • Scene changes marked by three blank lines

  • We use the Chicago Manual of Style, 15th Edition, as a grammatical reference.


Please proofread your manuscript carefully prior to submission. It is very difficult to evaluate the quality of a manuscript filled with typographical errors.

You will receive confirmation of receipt of your manuscript within 2-3 days of submission. We will inform you within 8 weeks if we are interested in accepting your submission.










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